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Nike Airmax Trainers

Nike has always been known as an innovator in footwear design and from its humble roots in the 1960's right through to modern-day worldwide recognition, the brand has always stayed true to its original ethos of providing footwear that is both functional and fashionable at the same time. Nike Airmax is the newest incarnation of Nike fashion footwear as the brand has grown to such a degree that each department now carries its own brand.

Each pair of the trainers features a soft gel filled sack to the rear heel which has the purpose of giving the wearer supreme comfort and support and has been adopted by main of the world's top athletes. The famous Nike swoosh in the shape of a giant tick symbol is emblazoned down the side of every pair.

Nike Airmax has long been known as one of the ultimate fashion accessories and you can see many celebrities and legends of sports wearing their trainers with pride. The range now covers every imaginable aspect that a trainer brand could with specialized lines for sports ranging from Basketball to Skateboarding.

Drawing inspiration from the original Waffles design which is still seen on many of the brands products through to specialized sporting trainers Nike Airmax is the ultimate label in sports inspired trainers for daily use. The range of trainers available is so broad that it would be impossible to not find a shoe that suits the job or outfit you have in mind. Take a browse through what Nike has to offer and see them for yourself.